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 humanity and God merging 
We see the world through stained-glass windows
All different colors defining the worlds we look into
What if we could see, indeed, that our eyes have no filter?
It is only human programming that conditions our vision
We see the world through stained-glass windows
But what if in that glass, we could see ourselves?
Is all that I am, a reflection of the lens that I gaze through?
Am I bunch of colors, too? 
It couldn't be...
I'm not what I am looking at
I'm not what I am looking through
I'm not what "I am"
I am where "I am" looking from
The sense of existence itself comes from this place
As does my sense of not existing
And to know this place, one undoubtedly must perish
For who could turn ones visage unto oneself, unless she were out of it?
Where I am is "I am" can not be found
A mirror itself is just another object, no? Meaning that
My true source is not that which can be seen, which is subjective, ever-changing
In fact mind, body, and heart, and spirit--
everything we identify as and simultaneously perceive...
defines our human experience, and this experience itself is perceived,
by the objective, ever-present, in-human ("immortal") factor.
Neither is to be denied.
Often we realize, that we see our world through stained-glass windows
and we wish for clarity, for transparent glass, for our eyes to stop fooling us
Yet I must say that as much as color (conceptuality) is misleading,
It is necessary, and will continue to brush-stroke across our life span without pause, despite our resistance
True clarity comes from love, from strength of character,
from patience, openness, inquiry, from the innermost self, out of which
these stained-glass windows can be beautiful, too.
- Micaya R. Labadie

Tree of Life
We need to understand that the world is filled with different people.
And as for life we have one so we can’t live it like there is a sequel.
And we are equal, though nobody's exactly the same.
People do what feels good then be acting ashamed.
Because they laugh and they claim that your ass is a lame.
Just to get you back in your lane and acting the same.
But what part of that makes sense?
How could YOU hate me for living MY life the way I want to?
How could you hate my skin color?
As if my pigment taunts you.
Hope these words haunt you.
Until you recognize the error in your ways.
I just want us all to spread love for the rest of our days.
Make the world a better place.
Rather than this haze of hate that confines the human race in a space of distaste that we still cannot shake.
So I think it's time we harmonize and live free of strife.
Because we’re all just different leaves growing on one Tree of Life.

                                                                                      - Khalil J.


 People of the Horizon 

 A second can fulfill the span of a moment. A moment may serve only one second. In that moment, greatness emerges from the roots of prosperity – but not wealth as in money; opulence as in the golden words and thoughts of the heart that throbs in urgency to transfigure into significance and undergo ethereal transcendence. That heart is the center of a people; but not any people. These are the people of exemplary work. The people of the horizon. They execute their actions to the timing of natural splendor. Relentless against the minds immersed in the pestilential stench of ignorance, these people are engrossed in determination; ambition-driven to pierce through the shrieks of doubts. Travelers of perseverance, these people establish their purpose and ensure that they form a stepstool for not only themselves, but for other people in the community; they carry and form mountains for their people to avoid adversity.

They do this by evoking emotions of assurance within the minds of that society. Enthralling to the souls of diversity, this team of acclaimed individuals have even solidified a community amongst their intermediate group. The robustness of this team, the permanence they embody, the integrity that intertwines their tongues to their words, the loyalty that bonds their hearts together, the respect that clasps their minds to one another, and the genuinity that connects their eyes to the doors of their spirits, are what composes this durable group of significant individuals. And love – they were the creators of it. They are an attraction themselves to the hungry souls of love. For they understand great loss and pain, and how the contribution of both experiences was essential for the creation of Upperclass OG - a platform for greatness.

- Madelin Yousef


-If I had a boat, it would be blue of a darker shade to reflect my inner light.
-If I had a blue boat it would be strong and sturdy to sail every nautical mile of my island’s ocean
-If I had a blue boat it would have a name so reZonating, waves flatten to it’s sound
-If I had a blue boat I would need me a sail mate, one as courageous as I yet gently soft like her. One with a soul so complementary blue we resemble the Caribbean Sea.
-If I had a blue boat, the sunset my backyard and the land my front porch.
-If I had a blue boat, I would find stillness on rocking waves.
My blue boat will teach me something valuable, how to be still through the rocking of change in time, for waves will ALWAYS be a part of the ocean. It’s either you fight and be weary or surrender and stay adrift upon them.
Find your stillness and captain your seas

- Tye Nelson