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Learn about UpperClass OG

What is UpperClass OG?

UpperClass OG points toward a fresh way of life, one adopted by individuals who have dedicated their lives to learning. UpperClass OG is an entire culture in itself, one that challenges tradition and births authenticity. UpperClass OG believes there is strength in unity. We believe in the power to shape our lives as we please. We believe we are put here on this earth together and it makes the sense to work together in teams. We believe that suffering is unnecessary. We believe in the reality of peace. We believe everyone has both a place and a right to be. We believe in extending a helping hand. We believe empowering one and another. We believe that to consider others brings about the richest life. 



UpperClass OG, commonly referred to as UCOG, is a social movement organization whose focus is to improve the quality of life on Earth. 'In order to change the world, we must first transcend the world" We practice presence  UpperClass OG challenges tradition/norm. Our actions are derived from a state of presence 


that foregrounds the nature of presence within humanity, by creating a lifestyle supported by conscious transcendence in order to institute contentment within one's self and his/her environment. UpperClass OG is a collective of individuals who believe that reality is merely a reflection of the perspectives we internalize. That said, we invariably prioritize the creation and maintenance of productive thoughts. At first glance, we appear to be a simple clothing company; but we aim to disclose the depth that lies within. Our merchandise serves as an outlet of expression to help us share the beliefs we feel are essential to embody; and nets the hearts of human beings to fundamentally create a familiarity within our community no matter our differences. 

Getting to know the UCOG Team



UpperClass OG has two co-founding members: Carl-Michael James Jr., one of the team's design extractors, the vendor correspondent, accountant, and social media manager, and Tywreh Nelson, the vision coordinator, inventory manager, and extension agent. Yes, co-founders create the vision. However, we needed help expanding that vision into something much more tangible. This meant that we needed to gather members who shared the same soul interest. The UCOG team has recently added four vital members over the past two years. These individuals are as follows: Yirakmeal "Rako" Henry, our business strategist, Isobelle Yousef, our videographer/photographer and design extractor, Keturah Nelson, another one of our photographers, our visual content extractor, and assistant social media manager, and Madelin Yousef, our literary enthusiast and internal adviser. Officially established in 2017, UCOG was founded on the principles expressed by the lives of the founding members and friends. Special acknowledgment goes to the late Zion James, for ultimately becoming the heart and soul of our initiatives. Zion was a dear loved one to the members of UpperClass OG who tragically lost his life in a car accident on August 2, 2017. Younger brother to Carl-Michael, cousin to Tywreh and Keturah, and bond brother to Rako, Zion remains with us as the being that is UpperClass OG. 




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