About Us

   Who/What is UpperClass?

     UpperClass, we are a social movement that focuses on the conscious manipulation of one's frame of mind in a way that reinforces confidence in self. UpperClass believes that reality is merely a reflection of the perspectives we internalize. Our perceptions are the sole creators of our reality, and we have absolute control over the perceptions we choose to adopt. This idea prioritizes the cultivation of positive thoughts. The ultimate purpose of UpperClass is to enhance the quality of existence for all by introducing a philosophy that exploits the definitive power of perception. The tangibility of our beliefs are depicted throughout the merchandise we offer customers. We use fashion as an outlet of expression while coherently influencing our local community.

The UC Team

Although we have many representatives, UpperClass Productions LLC has three co-founding members; Carl-Michael James Jr., Malachi Petersen, and Tywreh Nelson along with an additional member added in 2019; Yirakmeal "Rako" Henry. Officially established in 2017, UC was founded on the principles expressed by the lives of the founding members and friends. Special acknowledgment goes to the late Zion James, for ultimately becoming the heart and soul to our initiatives. Zion was a dear loved one to the members of UpperClass who tragically lost his life in a car accident on August 2, 2017. Younger brother to Carl-Michael, cousin to Tywreh, bond brother of Malachi and Rako; Zion remains with us as the being that is UpperClass.




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