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be cool and easygoing. life can be challenging enough. give and take deep breaths that reach the riches of your soul and spirit. have fun. be brave in life. choose bravery over fear. accept fear. accept coward. feel the wind. flow with life. be considerate to all life. from ant. to snake. to lion. Be considerate to other humans. Be the change you want to see. Shape the world in the light of your own imagination. accept. surrender. adapt. grow in peace. practice love and respect. Let us rid ourselves of comparison. See yourself through your own eyes, rather than through the eyes of others. We have to look within. And get in touch with compassion, empathy, honesty. Life remains a challenge. Let us atleast be easy with ourselves.

Names of the Game

Name of the Game (NOG) refers to a vast collection of designs that each consist of a simple, short phrase that serves to stimulate human consciousness. Each of these phrases were designed to help us humans live in accordance with nature, bringing peace and harmony to our everyday lives. There are many NOGs to choose from, take your time to select the one that is most relevant to you at this very moment in your life.

Positive Reminder

cool out b. Just breathe in and take it one a’ta time. Once you are being your best, all you can do from there is trust the labor. In those moments when you need to catch yoself, just remind your heart that everything is safe. And if you’re wondering why, remember to ask yourself, why not?

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