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cool out b. trust the labor. follow yo heart. lead the way. be your best. tek yuh time. keep good relations. one a'ta time. hold it down. god spare life. watch and learn. eat food. catch yoself. be the plug. everything safe. price to pay. you done know. all the same. bare with me. health is wealth. do yo ting. good to go. line it up. take care. dem days done. first ting first. from the Earth. home sweet home. fuk the rest. might as well. free the people. you stay deh. meet dem halfway.

Names of the Game

Names of the Game (NOG) refers to a vast collection of verbal designs that serve to stimulate human consciousness by tapping into the simplicity of real life. Every NOG is a simple, yet impactful phrase, that encourages us humans to live in alignment with the truths of nature. For it is only when one lives in synchronicity with the natural ways of life, can true peace and harmony ever be achieved. Each Name of The Game is like a token of wisdom that has the dynamic power to ignite positive change. There are many NOGs and each one carries a unique vibration, so please take your time to select the ones that resonate with you. You have all day :)

Positive Reminder

cool out b. Just breathe in and take it one a’ta time. Once you are being your best, all you can do from there is trust the labor. In those moments when you need to catch yoself, just remind your heart that everything is safe. And if you’re wondering why, remember to ask yourself, why not?

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