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Grow In Peace

UpperClass OG is a lifestyle that prioritizes personal well being from the inside out. Our ultimate focus is to grow peacefully, and to help enable others to do the same.

To have faith in the UpperClass OG way of being, is to accept life as a challenge and yet continue to choose peace above all else. Peace within oneself, brings us closer to a peaceful world. Here at UpperClass OG, we believe that peace is in all of our best interest and is therefore of the utmost importance.


The term upper class is usually associated with the highest ranking social status in America. Individuals who are considered upper class have tons of money and assets. This is not the case for members of UpperClass OG, however, the UCOG way of life has a direct influence on one's financial standing.

If we, anyone not belonging to the upper class, are to ever earn lots of money, we must become active learners. L(earn). Because to learn is to grow, and with growth comes more green (money). In order for one to grow properly, health must be of utmost priority.

Everything is connected, so as we grow as beings, we will experience similar growth in every aspect of our lives. Everything, including our income, will flourish in peace.

UpperClass OG chose its name to help begin the reprogramming process that is necessary, if we, people who are born at a financial disadvantage, are to ever experience financial freedom. We can all be upper class in the literal sense. We all have it in us. The real transformation starts from within, with how we perceive ourselves and others.

Rich people work together. They help one another. Let's do the same. Let us all be helpful in anyway we can. This is the UpperClass OG way of being.

We call ourselves privileged ghetto youths because in many ways we can relate to the impoverished, outcasted people living below the standard, yet we admit to having some sort of advantage. Through UpperClass OG, it is our mission to share any knowledge we think may help in some way.