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cool out b. - Tees


We must admit, the cool out b design has performed shockingly well. This design is by far the most popular of all our designs as it attracts individuals of all ages and ethnicities. It is truly fascinating to observe the captivating effect of this simple design.

It wasn't long until the continuous positive reactions from the public gave rise to an entirely new direction for UpperClass. cool out b marked the beginning of a new series of merchandise that we now call 'name of the game'.

Every name of the game design is displayed as a verbal presentation. Meaning the entire design consists solely of words that join to make up a phrase. Each phrase is a reminder that serves to guide people in a productive direction. Together, these phrases summarize the entire code that governs UpperClass. We take them very seriously. 

    cool out b is considered the first official name of the game design, however, there are many more to come.