Roots Create Fruits

Perspective Philosophy 



Perspective is the only meaningful difference that distinguishes one individual from another. All other differences are ostensibly significant, but in actuality, they are entirely irrelevant. It is perspective that has the ultimate power to define one’s reality. In other words, reality is merely a reflection of the perspectives we consciously and unconsciously internalize.

Moreover, perspectives from lineages also play a role in this reality. Some individuals cling to perspectives passed down from their ancestors, whereas others strive to break those views and create new ones of their own. Either way, appreciating one’s lineage is imperative to the growth of his or her spirit. One cannot simply disregard the benefit of former roots. At the same time, one must plant his or her own seeds to create a more developed set of roots as climate is constantly changing, society is constantly transfiguring.

Plant wisely with the intent of quality in mind rather than quantity. This will ultimately determine how copious and fruitful one’s plants will grow, and test how much love is being put into the growth of the plant. Of course, this will also challenge a person’s perspective. Perspective has the ability to divide or connect humanity. The reason why division would occur is because the perspective is being cultivated from the viewpoint of the false identity of self (the collective unconscious and unconscious self). This is essentially the creation of war, self-destruction, and universal collapse. Connection would take place in the release of egoism and embracement of universal self. This is more so the formulation of art, peace, and the entrance to the state of happiness.

However, in order to plant wisely, one must uproot the tough soil within one’s self. One must have a truthful but soft perspective of one’s self. This just relates back to the famous concept “As above, so below. As within, so without.” As within so without is intrinsically the nature of perspective. One must represent balance inward and it will relay outward. Yet, to achieve this state, humankind must be willing to let go of the idea that one perspective dominates all and reinforces one set of rules that all must follow. Beyond this, the notion of reality does not exist. Our bodies are physically existing on the same plane; however, our minds have created separate forms and worlds in which we dwell in.

These are the worlds that humankind fights with one another to prove which environment is the most abundant, which dwelling thrives more. This further proves why humankind fails to successfully live diversely in peace. The purpose of diversity in the universe is to evidence that the natural world has to be ran by harmony, by which humans must learn to work with one another to find the solution to a problem.

Think about why group works are so important in schools. It is to teach people from a young age that differences are just a natural part of this world, and that those differences thrive in their own ways whilst still thriving altogether. Once again, this acknowledgement comes with the awareness of personal growth in order to make a collective change. This ties into our balance philosophy.