Black Sheep

Individuality Philosophy - 

Difference is our most uniting similarity. Difference is a necessary component of life as it contributes to the balance of the world. We are different because we are meant to work together. Diversity has proven to be advantageous on all planes.

The courage to embrace and publicize differences is what constitutes an individual. It is this same courage that births originality. UpperClass is the affirmation of freedom and the embodiment of originality. We are the black sheep that does not seek the approval of the herd.

Deviations from the norm is normal. However, people often imitate that which they perceive as acceptable due to fear of discrimination. UpperClass is a bold organization that accentuates the value of difference and individuality. Present in all our creations is an unrefined version of our truth, which is often subtle, yet rebellious in nature.  In support of our philosophy, we ensure that our productions are always authentic and original as we aim to capture life from a natural angle, publicizing the beauty of our reality.