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We are very proud of the Lightning Core design because we are certain it captures the true essence of UpperClass. It appears simple, but was obviously created with great precision.

This design was created by Carl-Michael James while he was taking a Sequential Art course in college. His professor, an interesting artist named William Colbert, instructed the class to design a sports jersey using Adobe Photoshop.The Lightning Core design is a result of that class project. It was inspired by the cover art of a Lil Peep song entitled Teen Romance. It's actually a pretty cool song, we recommend you check it out. 

Now here's something many don't know. What appears to be a lightning bolt is actually the letter 'Z' for Zion James. He is a dear friend of ours that no longer walks the physical realm. Without his contributions and teachings, there is no UpperClass. We admit that we owe him everything.

Message to Zion James:

The purpose of this design is to express and publicize our appreciation and undying loyalty to you. The uplifting ideologies that once governed your life now dictates ours. 

We are eternally grateful to have known you. Your life and death has inspired the teachings that lie at the very core of our organization. We will always be together, as two parts of the same inseparable whole. 

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