Heat; Zuko & Azula

Created: August 2018

Original Artist:  Carl-Michael James 

Revision Artist: Khalil James


The Heat design is by far our most captivating creation yet. UpperClass believes the bewitching nature of this design stems from the indisputable philosophy from which it emanates.

The flame serves to visually demonstrate the concept of desire. According to UpperClass, desire is like a fire that requires some sort of fuel to maintain its life. An individual’s desire is nurtured by persistent acts of self-discipline in pursuit of one’s aspirations. Self-discipline functions as the backbone of desire. It is the outcome of an insane level of certainty in one’s desires. These two concepts, desire and self-discipline, are closely connected as one simply cannot exist without the other. Take a brief moment to reflect on this statement.

An individual who exercises self-discipline always does so with a goal in mind. There is something that person hopes to achieve, hence the reason for their persistence. Same goes for a person with fixed aspirations. Individuals who are certain in their desires, invariably demonstrate self-discipline in order to attain that which they want. This is because self-discipline is an inexorable quality of one who is certain in their desires. With certainty, follows resolve, and behind resolve, trails determination.

According to UpperClass, determination is the precursor of self-discipline. “I am certain, so I am determined. I am determined, so I am disciplined.”

Notice the piercing gaze of determination displayed in the eyes and grin of the flame.

It appears to be ready for anything. There are no evident signs of fear nor hesitation in its demeanor. This is because fear and hesitation are indications of uncertainty which stems from indecision. Hesitation is a detrimental effect of indecision that causes one to falter in their executions. When one is sure of what they want, there is simply no room for such burdens.

Such unwavering conviction is unattainable as long as multiple plans are involved. One must take time to develop a single plan (Plan A) and stick to it no matter what. Making necessary improvements as time progresses, but never straying off course. Individuals with this mentality are commonly regarded as having a single-track mind. To a great extent, a single-track mind is highly beneficial as it often leads to success. However, it does come with its own set of disadvantages.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a stained water droplet falling from the left eye of the flame. This water droplet is actually a tear drop meant to represent the river of   disappointments that plague those who stick to Plan A. Many will discourage you and advise you to reconsider your strategy. If you are the slightest bit uncertain, then you are certain to fall victim to the fears of another person. This is the perpetual challenge encountered by those who relentlessly execute Plan A. The journey is trying and filled with hardships, so expect challenges. 

Observe how the top and bottom rows of teeth are clenched tightly together. The flame almost appears to be smiling as if it is happy for some reason. This is because a deep sense of fulfillment comes from the unyielding commitment to a single goal. A type of satisfaction so rare that it’s noticeable even in something as subtle as a grin. So even though the road is rocky, keep trotting forward. Your dreams are worth it. Life is now. 




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