Farma Boy

Farma Boy

Created: February 2019

Original Artist: Carl-Michael James Jr

Revision Artist: Jah-Mina Caines


Note: The scientific name of marijuana is Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa, commonly referred to as corn for some reason, has played a major, yet discrete role in Virgin Island society. According to UpperClass, this unique role of Cannabis merits recognition, hence the creation of the 'Farma Boy' design.

In the Virgin Islands, the cultivation or possession of Cannabis is prohibited and can result in prosecution. However, citizens of all ages actively grow Cannabis in secret despite its legal status. The hidden cultivation of Cannabis sativa is especially evident on the island of St. Croix, where youths stand at the forefront of cultivation. 

Many are unaware of how many citizens of the Virgin Islands actively participate in the illegal cultivation of Cannabis sativa. Based on our knowledge and interactions with Cannabis cultivators, we are confident that the total number of growers must be truly astonishing. Considering its increasing popularity, it is not absurd to consider the cultivation of cannabis a part of Virgin Island culture.  

Many factors contribute to the increasing prevalence of Cannabis cultivation in the Virgin Islands. For decades, the Virgin Islands has been poorly governed by venal individuals whose interests did not reside in the improvement of the whole. As a result, our economy has suffered greatly as employment opportunities are scarce and the cost of living continues to skyrocket! With nowhere else to turn, many decided to grow Cannabis as an alternative to support themselves and their families. We suspect the illegal production and distribution of Cannabis sativa feeds a significant percentage of families in the Virgin Islands.

The lenience of law enforcement in regard to Cannabis altogether greatly contributes to its popularity throughout the Virgin Islands. The distinct aroma of Cannabis is virtually impossible to escape as so many inhabitants freely indulge without fear of prosecution. Advocates of Cannabis sativa have become bolder than ever due to efforts of a certain Virgin Island senator. Recent legislative enactments proposed by Senator Terrence Positive Nelson has enabled the formation of a Medical Cannabis industry in the Virgin Islands. This has catalyzed a change in the way Virgin Islanders view Cannabis and agriculture as a whole.

UpperClass is heavily influenced by agriculture due to our strong background in the agricultural sciences. Notice the “24k” marking in the foliage of the corn. Karat (k) is a unit of measurement used to categorize gold based on purity. 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold available, and consequently, the most expensive. In this design, “24k” is meant to accentuate the intrinsic value of agriculture. It does so by exploiting a symbol associated with something as precious as gold and attaching it to a global agricultural commodity. This provides a comparison that helps put in perspective just how valuable agriculture really is. 

Notice the words “Official Cataract Man”. Cataract is the name of an extremely popular strain of Cannabis in St. Croix. Its purpose in this design is to insinuate that the corn is symbolic for Cannabis. However, UpperClass supports the cultivation of all crops.

The dual objective of the Farma Boy design is to expose a suppressed part of Virgin Island culture, and also show that farming is just as cool as it is liberating.


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