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Design Breakdown

This section provides a detailed analysis of every UpperClass design created. In this section, the artists themselves share their personal interpretations and creative influences that helped sculpt their artwork. A new found sense of appreciation emanates from knowledge of background information. We predict many people will appreciate this section as it is filled with interesting perspectives and history that are worthy of knowing.

Farma Boy

The dual objective of the Farma Boydesign is to expose a suppressed part of Virgin Island culture, and also show that farming is just as cool as it is liberating.
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Lightning Core

The purpose of this design is to express and publicize our appreciation and undying loyalty to Zion James. The uplifting ideologies that once governed his life, now dictates ours. 
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Heat; Zuko & Azula

According to UpperClass, determination is the precursor of self-discipline. “I am certain, so I am determined. I am determined, so I am disciplined.”
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